Feature films and TV series I worked on

In the last years I've been working on several feature films and a TV series, here are some of them:


"Winx Club: Beyond Believix" TV Series

I've worked on this TV show as a Digital Compositor. Check out the opening!


"Gladiators of Rome"

This is the official trailer of the full CG feature film I've been working on for 2 years, "Gladiators of Rome" by Iginio Straffi. I worked in three departments at Rainbow CGI, as a Texture Artist, Lighter and Compositor. The movie came out in Italy in October 2012 and is going to have a foreign distribution too (is already out in Russia and Poland)!


2D character animation

I created a 2D character animation for a short intro to "mt0" documentaries and website: http://www.mt0.it/


Texturing/Shading Showreel 2010

This is my new reel, all about texturing and shading (and some modelling too). Check it out!


Compositing work 2009-2010


Sea Dragon - Published on "Render Out!"

When I went to the Aquarium of Valencia I got really impressed and fascinated by this creature, whose name is "sea dragon"; here is my 3D model. My artwork was chosen and published in the art gallery of "Render Out" (October 2010). Render Out is a 3D magazine you can find online here (it is downloadable as PDF): http://www.pixeltale.com/RenderOut.php Have a look at the whole magazine because it is very very interesting if you are keen on 3d stuff; you'll find also many useful tutorials.
My work is at page 77.
Thanks and bye to everyone!

Maya + Mental Ray + Final Gather


Cute fish (Longhorn cowfish)

This is a "cute fish", inspired by an existing fish named Longhorn Cowfish.
I found some pics of it in the web and I found it so funny that I decided to make a model (^.^)

Maya + MentalRay + Shave&Haicut + Photoshop

Maya + MentalRay+ Photoshop

...And these are the textures I used:

Still frames of the VFX for "Le ombre rosse" by F.Maselli

The people on the stairs and the car were shot on a greenscreen in Cinecittà Studios; they were then composited with the 3D elements (that you can see in wireframe below): the whole building, the painted walls and many other details. The ground and the background are both digital paintings.

This is the team I worked with:
- 3D: me and Miriam Bonetti
- Compositing: Alice Troni
- Matte painting: Fabio Paciulli
- VFX Supervisor: Gianluca Dentici


CG intro for a short film

One clock, two clocks, three clocks...they are coming towards us from far away, and their number increases second after second...TICK, TOCK...(Maya, After Effects)

3D for a museum - interiors


3D for a museum - exteriors



Rubik cube animation

This is a Rubik Cube I made for a campaign on recycling; I did the entire 3D part, Alessia Scarso did the final editing.


Motion graphics


This is a motion graphics I did with my friend and colleague Fabio Paciulli. It has been made for the documentary "Poets" by Toni D'Angelo using Photoshop and Painter for the drawings, After Effects for the animation and vfx; editing in Premiere. The Manifesto of Futurism is read by Carmelo Bene.


Cells & bacteria

... In my free time I wanted to understand how I could render these micro-organisms

(Note: these images have no scientific bases!)

Architectural texturing shading & lighting

Some images I did in 2007-2008

3D Studio Max + Mental Ray

3D Studio Max + Vray

3D Studio Max + Vray

Render for Snaidero Cucine

These are some examples of rendering I did for Snaidero Cucine. I used 3D Studio Max and V-Ray or Maxwell Render, depending on the kind of lighting they asked me to create.


My New Portfolio!

Welcome to my on-line portfolio!
Here I'll post the 3d (and sometimes 2d) works I did for architecture, animation and visual effects. Hope you like it. Enjoy!