Sea Dragon - Published on "Render Out!"

When I went to the Aquarium of Valencia I got really impressed and fascinated by this creature, whose name is "sea dragon"; here is my 3D model. My artwork was chosen and published in the art gallery of "Render Out" (October 2010). Render Out is a 3D magazine you can find online here (it is downloadable as PDF): http://www.pixeltale.com/RenderOut.php Have a look at the whole magazine because it is very very interesting if you are keen on 3d stuff; you'll find also many useful tutorials.
My work is at page 77.
Thanks and bye to everyone!

Maya + Mental Ray + Final Gather


Cute fish (Longhorn cowfish)

This is a "cute fish", inspired by an existing fish named Longhorn Cowfish.
I found some pics of it in the web and I found it so funny that I decided to make a model (^.^)

Maya + MentalRay + Shave&Haicut + Photoshop

Maya + MentalRay+ Photoshop

...And these are the textures I used:

Still frames of the VFX for "Le ombre rosse" by F.Maselli

The people on the stairs and the car were shot on a greenscreen in Cinecittà Studios; they were then composited with the 3D elements (that you can see in wireframe below): the whole building, the painted walls and many other details. The ground and the background are both digital paintings.

This is the team I worked with:
- 3D: me and Miriam Bonetti
- Compositing: Alice Troni
- Matte painting: Fabio Paciulli
- VFX Supervisor: Gianluca Dentici